Basic Beat Percussion

Available exclusively from West Music

Quality, innovation, accessibility and variety - Basic Beat musical instruments and accessories offer great sound and superior construction at an exceptional value. Basic Beat instruments are conceived and designed by music educators and music therapists, and are crafted with care in the United States, Germany, Mexico, Taiwan, India, and China.

Basic Beat percussion is a top choice of music educators and music therapists, amateurs and professionals for use in the classroom, studio, performance hall or living room. Choose Basic Beat, and experience the power of making music!

With sleigh bells, agogo bells and a variety of cowbells, Basic Beat bells area a great way to bring music to your classroom.

Basic Beat Blocks and Log Drums are available in a selection of shapes, sizes, pitches and materials. Most include mallets.

Basic Beat has castanets for every situation, including finger castanets, mounted table castanets and castanets on a handle.

Basic Beat offers both an aluminum chime tree and a brass chime tree, each featuring a hardwood base with twenty bars.

Basic Beat claves come in standard rosewood, as well as the African woods blackwood and padouk. Sold in pairs.

Basic Beat 6", 8" and 10" hand-held cymbals come with tied leather straps, and feature a silver-bronze finish.

Available in stamped brass or the heavier and more resonant cast brass, Basic Beat finger cymbals are sold as sets of 4 (two pair).

Basic Beat has a great variety of shakers, rattles and guiros, from the popular egg shaker to cabasas, maracas and more.

Basic Beat sound effects include rhythm sticks, sandblocks, ratchets and slapsticks, as well as the intriguing kokiriko and stir xylophone.

Basic Beat tambourines come in many shapes and sizes, from the traditional handy tambourine to star- and bean-shaped models.

Basic Beat triangles are made of steel, and include a quality striker with a wood handle and a holder with a wood ball. Avaliable in 4" and 6" sizes.

Basic Beat offers a fine collection of quality drums representing cultures from around the globe. Basic Beat world drums include bongos, hand bongos, frame drums and djembes.